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Kashim and Othello
We are two British Shorthair tabby boys living our bohemian life in Vienna, Austria.
We are brothers ‘though not of the same litter… but we love each other more or less *gg*

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Derby, the Sassy Cat
0 0
Notes of a suburban house cat.
Daily Cat Picture
0 0
Cat Picture for every day of the year.
The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
0 0
Laurie blogs about the cats she fosters. =(^-^)=
Pet Garden's Blog
0 0
3 Bengal cats and their ongoing attempt to train their humans.
Dragonheart's Domain
0 0
The daily adventures of a black and white Sphynx kitten who owns two Canadians, currently living in Munich, Germany.
Cat Synth
0 0
A site about cats, electronic music, art, and opinion. Starring the lovely black kitty Luna.
Blogging Cat
0 0
A blog by Prince Muddy Paws
Stuff On My Cat
0 0
Photos featuring... stuff on cats. Stuff + cats = awesome!
The Cat Room
0 0
Max, Bonkers, and Miss Daisy live with "the Human," and an occasional visitor, "the lady with the creaky knees."
Abbie the Cat has a Posse
0 0
My name is Abbie and I am a cat and I am writing all about me and the other cat and the people in this place.

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